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What is Fibroadenoma?

FibroadenomaFibroadenomas are benign (not cancerous/not dangerous), smooth-edged lumps commonly found in the breasts of women with high estrogen levels. They show up easily on a mammogram and can be distinguished from malignant (cancerous/dangerous) tumors due to their round or oval shapes.

Self examination

From a young age women are taught how to examine their breast for signs of tumors or other abnormalities. Few women respond to this instruction however. They only occasionally examine their breasts and are surprised when they do find an abnormality that requires surgery or any other intervention.


Fibroadenoma generally doesn’t require surgical intervention unless it is causing pain or any other discomfort. Usually the physician will want to do a biopsy to confirm that the tumor is benign and that there is no reason for concern. This is standard practice and there is no reason to feel alarmed if your doctor suggests this.

The biopsy is usually done under anesthetic and isn’t too painful. Should the lump turn out to be benign, you doctor will suggest various avenues of treatment that does not include surgery. This is to prevent undue stress and trauma to you and your body. Surgery is also a very costly affair and the scars that the surgery would leave are unbecoming. Most physicians follow a policy of periodic follow-up visits to monitor the growth of the tumor. Often, the tumor will spontaneously start shrinking and that will be the end of your worries.


Fibroandenoma presents as a solid, round or oval lump in the breast. If you examine your breast by lifting your arm above your head and gently palpating your breast, you will easily distinguish it from other fibrous tissue. It may be tender due to a bit of inflammation, but other than that it should not cause you harm.

However,  although you may suspect that it is a benign growth, you should always get a professional opinion on the matter. Go and see your doctor as soon as possible and have a mammogram done. The sooner that you confirm that it is benign, the sooner you can continue with your normal life. Early detection of anything that could indicate breast cancer increases the chances of effective treatment.

If you’re over the age of 40, it is recommended that you go for an annual mammogram to mnake sure that no malignant growths have formed in your breasts. During this examination, your doctor will also pick up the fibroadenoma quite quickly.

Your health is one of the most important assets that you have. Breast cancer is rife and is deadly if left untreated. Fibroadenoma, however, is benign and should not cause you any undue discomfort or stress. Although it is benign, you should check your breasts regularly for any kind of growth or tumor in order to prevent breast cancer. Don’t be caught napping – treat what needs to be treated and leave good enough alone when possible.

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am having fibroeadenoma on my right chest. i dont want to remove it. so that can i give breast feeding to my baby in future

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