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What Is Calcium Glycerophosphate?

Calcium glycerylphosphateCalcium is a very important mineral for the maintenance and preservation of a person’s bones and teeth. Without calcium bones tend to deteriorate and become weak and prone to breaking. It has also been found that the lack of calcium in the body is detrimental to dental health leading to an increased incidence of decay, cavities and tooth loss.

It is therefore very important that the right amount of calcium is ingested every day. This is however very difficult to do in today’s modern lifestyle and people have had to turn to vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure that they stay healthy.

Other considerations

One of the problems with the supplements however is that calcium is not easily absorbed into the bloodstream when taken on its own. Often calcium and magnesium are taken together to facilitate the absorption of the calcium. With the advent of calcium glycerophosphate these problems have been successfully addressed. The glycerophosphate is a medium that dramatically increases the absorption rate of the calcium and has a number of other benefits.


Calcium glycerophosphate, or Calcium glycerylphosphate, has the benefit of decreasing the acidity of certain food types. It influences the hydrochloric acid that is found in the stomach as well as the acid in the foods. The results from tests were extremely positive. There is one proviso though: the supplement should not be taken on an ongoing basis. If you have an acid problem and you know that you’re going to be eating acidic foods like tomatoes or drinking coffee, you should take the supplement. It will then help to reduce the effect of all the acid in your body. If you take it on an ongoing basis, there is a good chance that the hydrochloric acid in your stomach can be neutralized to such an extent that you will develop problems with your digestion.

Another benefit of the supplement is that it can help to cure chronic cystitis which is caused by a chronic inflammation of the bladder. Once again it’s the ability to neutralize acid that helps with the treatment of the ailment and it has proved to be very successful.

Finally, the question was raised as to whether the supplement can be used in an attempt to prevent dental disease and cavities. An independent study showed remarkable results in both categories. Phenomenal percentages of improved dental health and the prevention of cavities were reported. It is therefore safe to assume that calcium glycerophosphate is a supplement that can be used with confidence in its reported rate of success.

It is never a good idea to drink any kind of medication or supplement before investigating it properly. Many people have come to harm in this manner and their conditions were not treated effectively. If calcium glycerophosphate is taken in moderation and according to medical specifications, there is no doubt that it will effectively treat the conditions it is being taken for. The benefits certainly are very convincing of its effectiveness.

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I have taken prelief for GERD in the past, but this time it’s not working. Can I take prelief for osteoporosis? Because of my stomach problems, I haven’t been able to take any kind of calcium or vitamin D for osteoporosis.

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