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How to Sleep For Less Than Two Hours a Night?

Sleep is very overrated so wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce it to a minimum? That way we could spend a lot more time thinking about our problems and worrying about the future. I can’t promise that these tips will help you eliminate sleep altogether but it should help you cut it down to about a couple of hours. Once you have cut down your sleep to such a low level you will not only benefit from more hours in the day, but you should also get to experience a constant feeling of grogginess – sort of like being drunk but you won’t have to spend any money.

How to Sleep For Less Than Two Hours a Night

So here are just a few tips that should mean that you will be able to sleep for less than two hours a night:

  • Fill your bedroom full of entertainment options. You need to have at least a TV in there and leave this switched on all night. You are going to need plenty of distractions to keep you awake when you feel yourself drifting off to sleep.
  • Drink plenty of coffee in the evenings and late into the night. You should also supplement your caffeine intake with a few energy drinks. Always drink a can of energy drink before you go to bed.
  • If you aren’t a big fan of coffee then there are also caffeine tablets that you can take as well.
  • Don’t open your bills until late at night and that way you will have something fresh to worry about and this should help keep you awake.
  • Increasing your stress levels is a great way to encourage insomnia. The biggest stressors come from our jobs and our relationships so do your best to stir up the pot here. As your level of sleep decreases you should find that you will naturally become less productive in your job – you should get a nice feedback mechanism going as your boss makes threats and further increases your stress levels. The fact that you become more easily irritated due to insomnia is likely to make your relationships a lot rockier so you will benefit from the stress here as well.
  • If you don’t smoke cigarettes then you should certainly take up the habit. This also gives you a mental boost every time you get a bit sleepy. The other nice thing about smoking is you will also have the worry of wondering if your clothes and breath smell repellent to other people. You should also attempt to quit smoking every few weeks as the withdrawals will help you develop further insomnia; as soon as these withdrawals seem to be fading you should start back up on the habit again. If you can get into a routine of starting and stopping smoking then this should ensure a lot of sleepless hours over the years.
  • Night is the best time to start thinking about your death – this is a great subject to keep you awake.