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What Is the Best Keloid Scar Treatment?

Keloid ScarKeloid scars can be difficult to deal with. This type of scaring will usually occur because the skin has been cut open due to some type of trauma. Some of these scars are easier to manage than others, and there are a number of different treatment options available. The best type of treatment to choose will always depend on the extent of the scaring.

What is a Keloid Scar?

When the skin is injured the body will attempt to itself by using a type of tissue called collagen to cover the wound. Using this scar tissue just covers the wound and will tend to become less noticeable over time. Sometimes though, the collagen can continue to grow so that it starts to affect surrounding tissue. This is referred to as a Keloid scar and they can lead to a noticeable skin overgrowth that is larger than the original wound. Sometimes these scars can be very noticeable and they may start to interfere with a person’s ability to enjoy life. This type of scaring tends to look quite shiny and no hair will be able to grow on it.

It appears that there may be a hereditary element to developing keloid scaring. It also seems to occur most often to non-Caucasians. Females are more likely to get the condition than males. It is most often for this type of scaring to appear on the earlobe.

What Is the Best Keloid Scar Treatment?

There are a number of different keloid scar treatment options available. The first option that your doctor is likely to try is a steroid injection to the area. This can be effective but it may require a number of different treatments spread over a year. Those patients who have darker skin can also find that the steroid treatment noticeably changes their skin color in the area of the scar. These injections will not work for everyone and other options will need to be examined.

Sometimes the best option will be to just surgically remove the scar. It involves an incision into the skin to remove the keloid growth. In some cases this will not prove successful as further growth can occur after surgery. This is why it is usual for doctors to try other alternatives instead. This is because the operation will involve causing more trauma and thus lead to more scar formation.  In order to prevent this it will sometimes be necessary to combine excision of the keloid with radiation therapy. This option will only be used in those cases where there really does not seem to be any other option.

Choosing the Best Keloid Scar Treatment

A doctor will be able to advice you as to your best options in regards to this type of treatment. A lot of people will need minimal intervention and a few steroid injections may be all that is required. Hopefully more research into the condition will mean new treatments and knowledge about how to prevent these scars occurring in the first place.

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What is Scar Tissue?

tissue injuryMost people will have at least a couple of scars on their body. These occur on areas of the body where the skin has been damaged due to an injury. As well as scars on the skin it is also possible to have scars on other types of body tissue including our internal organs. When a surgeon opens us up to fix a problem there may well be scars left inside our body from this work. Scaring seems to be an inevitable part of life, but what exactly is it?

So What is Scar Tissue?

If a body is damaged it needs to heal itself. If it couldn’t do this then we wouldn’t survive very long. Can you imagine a situation where we walk around with all our old wounds still open? When we damage tissue the body responds by producing a material to repair this. Unfortunately we are not able to recreate the exact tissue that has been damaged but instead the body is able to produce a type of fibrous tissue that is used instead – it is this that we are referring to when we talk about scaring. The replacement tissue is not as good as the original and there are quite a few drawbacks to it; although without it we wouldn’t be able to survive.

Scar tissue differs from our normal tissue in a number of important ways. It tends to be thicker and denser than what it is replacing and it is a different color; this is why scars can be so noticeable. This replacement tissue also has some limitations when compared to the original tissue; it is less flexible, it had no sweat glands, there are no hair follicles in it, it is less able to deal with the effects of the sun, and they can even restrict our movement or make internal organs work less effectively.

Can Our Scars be Removed?

Scars can make people very self conscious if they are on certain parts of the body. Facial scars in particular can damage an individual’s self-esteem, but any type of scar on the body could be the source of embarrassment. If somebody has an abdominal scar from surgery they might feel a bit embarrassed about having their skin on display so they completely avoid sunbathing. These people will likely be interested in any way to remove these scars completely.

Unfortunately it is not possible to fully remove scars because they would only be replaced with new scaring. The only thing that might help make them less interfering in our life is by applying a vitamin E cream to promote faster healing; this should also mean that the final scar is going to bit less rigid. Other than this there is not much we can do about most scars. In some cases it may be beneficial to perform surgery on scars, but this will not remove them completely. Although there are negative aspects to scaring it is important to keep in mind that they are vital to our survival.