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What are Quaaludes or Methaqualone?

Quaaludes or MethaqualoneQuaaludes are a type of depressant that is used to help people deal with insomnia or high states of anxiety. This is a drug that has also been used illegally for recreational purposes. This drug is actually called Methaqualone, but it has become common to refer to it as Quaaludes. It is similar to barbiturates in how it works and the effects it creates.

Why Do People Take Quaaludes?

There are medical and non-medical reasons for why people might take Quaaludes. It is an effective tool for dealing with certain anxiety states and for curing sleep problems. The drug has a calming effect that slows down the central nervous system. Since the 1970s there have also been a lot of people who like to take it for non-medicinal purposes. This is because the drug creates feelings of clam and relaxation as well as euphoria. It is a way that people can temporarily escape their problems. The problem is that this type of drug abuse can easily lead to addiction problems. Here the individual will become obsessed with the drug and it can begin to take over their life.

Fall in Popularity of Quaaludes

Although the demand for Quaaludes as a recreational drug remains high it is now rarely prescribed. This is because it has been decided in places like the US that the addictive potential of this drug outweighs any possible benefits of using it. In 1984 the drug was taken off the market, but it is still available in certain parts of the world. This means that the drug is still able to end up on the streets where people can purchase it for recreational use.

The Dangers of Quaaludes

There are a number of dangers associated with the use of Methaqualone including:

  • Addiction
  • People develop tolerance to the drug which means they have to use more of it to get the same effect.
  • Overdoes is a real danger and this could lead to death
  • People will experience withdrawal symptoms should the drug be stopped
  • People become willing to break the law in order to get their hands on the drug
  • Chronic use can damage body organs
  • It can lead to other forms of drug abuse
  • It can cause depression and other forms of mental illness

Quaaludes in the Future

There are now many other alternative treatments for problems like anxiety and insomnia. This means that there should never be a need to use Methaqualone again for medical reasons. Hopefully it will eventually be unavailable all around the world and this will mean that it will be less likely to fall into the hands of those who abused it. This drug may have helped people in the past, but there are now other alternatives that may be more effective. It would seem likely then that Quaaludes may soon become a thing of the past.   Of course these other drugs may be just as likely to lead to addiction so care must always be taken to avoid this.