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What is a Sitz Bath?

Sitz BathThere are a number of reasons why an individual might want to use a Sitz bath, but the two most common are when dealing with hemorrhoids or it can provide comfort for a woman who has just had a baby. A Sitz Bath can refer to a special design for a bath or it is possible to create a similar effect by just adapting how we use our regular bath. Some people will create their own by using a shallow bucket.

How Does a Sitz Bath Work?

With this type of bath you bathe as if you were sitting in a chair with the hips and buttocks immersed in the water. In fact the word ‘sitz’ is German for ‘sit’ so this describes the treatment very well. Some people will just sit in normal warm water but others will add other ingredients to provided extra relief; those with hemorrhoids or recovering from trauma during pregnancy may add baking soda or other ingredients to the water.

The Sitz bath is believed to be beneficial in a number of ways. It helps to reduce inflammation and it can also be good at easing any type of cramping; women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps may get relief from using this type of treatment. Another condition that seems to benefit is an enlarged prostate gland.

Sometimes a doctor will instruct a patient to take regular Sitz baths but a lot of people will just commence this treatment themselves. It is usual to sit in the bath for about 20 minutes in order to get the maximum benefit. It is important to find a comfortable way to sit on the bath for this length of time and this is why it is often preferable to purchase something that has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Using a Sitz Bath

It is possible to purchase a Sitz bath that fits directly over a toilet and this can be a good option because these are easier to drain and tend to be easier to use. The price for this type of item varies depending on your requirements but it is possible to pick something up at a fairly reasonable price; the important thing is that you will be able to comfortably use whatever bath you choose. As we have already mentioned it is possible to just use a normal bath or improvise with a bucket but these may not be the most comfortable options.

One important aspect of using a Sitz bath is that care is taking to be hygienic. The bath needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every use. It is preferable to not share this bath with anyone else unless it has been fully sterilized. One consideration when buying this type of product will be how easy it is to keep it clean. It also helps if there is some mechanism for easy drainage once you have finished with it and to prevent the overflow of water when you sit on it.