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How Do I Choose the Best Inhaler for Bronchitis?

If you are dealing with a bad case of bronchitis it is important to ensure that you are using the right inhaler. Of course, it is the responsibility of your medical team to prescribe, but it is always important that you are able to take part in such decisions that can impact your health so much. It is important to realize though, that not everyone who develops this condition will require an inhaler. In a lot of cases the symptoms will be managed using oral medications. If your symptoms are not helped in this way though, it is likely that you will need to be prescribed an inhaler.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Inhaler for Bronchitis

Most of us will just take breathing for granted; it is not something we need to consciously do so we can just ignore it. It is only when we develop a problem with our breathing that we become more aware of this bodily process. It is then that we realize just vital this simple function is to our survival and how anything that gets in the way of it can seriously impact our ability to enjoy life. Once we have symptoms that make it difficult to breathe we will want to the situation remedied as quickly as possible; inhalers are a type of medication that can greatly help us in this regard.

In bronchitis there is some swelling in the bronchial tubes in our lungs and this interferes with our ability to breathe normally. This swelling may occur because of some type of infection or it may be that we suffer from chronic bronchitis that can be triggered by different pollutants. Once the inflammation is present it leads to shortness of breath and often a wheezing sound when we breathe. It can be unpleasant but in the case of acute bronchitis the condition usually improves in a few weeks.

The Types of Inhalers for Bronchitis

There are a number of different inhalers that may be prescribed for people with bronchitis. The most basic form uses steam to transport the medication into the lung; this steam can be created using a Nebulizer which relies on pressurized oxygen or air to turn the medication into a mist. Another type of inhaler is handheld and sends a metered dose of the drug into the lungs using pressure. There is also a dry powdered inhaler that works by delivering the medication into the lungs on the inhalation.

The dry powdered inhaler is the most widely used because it is so convenient. It is important that anyone using this method ensures that they are holding the inhaler correctly on using the right technique – if not then they will not be getting sufficient medication into their lungs. In hospital it is common to use nebulizers because this can be very effective for getting the medication into the lungs. The nebulizer requires no effort from the patient and it can even be used on people who are unconscious.

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Is There a Cure For Tinnitus?

TinnitusFor those of us who don’t suffer from tinnitus, it’s difficult to imagine the irritation caused by the constant whistling, hissing, whining etc. that tinnitus (Ti-NIGHT-tus) can cause. This is especially true when it is bedtime as tinnitus really thrives on low-noise environments and gets worse with the decrease of background noise. It is a condition suffered by millions of people in the USA and can be treated quite easily. There is, however, not a cure.


Tinnitus is cause by a number of things or factors. One of the primary causes of the hissing noise and hearing loss of the ears is a constant, loud noise. Loud noises are hearing thieves and damage the inner ear to such an extent that it can no longer be treated.

Another factor that can affect hearing and lead to tinnitus is medication. Some medications (including over-the-counter medicines like aspirin) can cause some hearing difficulty when taken in high dosages. It is always advisable to read the insert of the medication for possible side-effects.

A big factor in acquiring tinnitus is lifestyle. Of importance here is how well you look after your body. If you suffer from diseases like high blood pressure or have thyroid problems, this may be the cause of the tinnitus that you’re suffering from. As you treat these conditions, you should also experience a lessening of the tinnitus and considerable relief.

It is therefore very clear that you need to have a regular check-up when you start experiencing the symptoms of tinnitus. Bear in mind that tinnitus is not a disease, merely a symptom in itself of something that is wrong in your body. It could be as simple as built-up wax in your ear to something a little more complex like a heart condition or medication that you’re using. In any case, you should take special care when you do suffer from tinnitus because it can become a great irritant in your life.

Other treatments can include hearing aids that mask the hissing and the whistling. Soft music or a white noise machine can also bring relief if you’re trying to fall asleep. There are many other small lifestyle changes that you can make in order to combat the irritation caused by tinnitus.


Tinnitus is not a killer disease, but it can cause considerable discomfort. If you start hearing a constant hissing in your ears, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Tinnitus is a way that your body has to tell you that something’s wrong. You need to have your ears checked and tested, but also consider going for a full physical to see if there aren’t any underlying conditions that could be affecting your hearing.

Once you’ve found the cause of the tinnitus, you can then start working on relieving the symptoms by dropping your blood pressure, taking care of your thyroid or changing the medication that you’re taking. Although it can’t be cured, it can certainly be treated.

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What is Prophylaxis?

Not all medicine or treatments offered by the medical profession are to treat conditions. In many instances there will be medicines given to stop a problem occurring in the first place – this is called prophylaxis. Most of us will have no problem crediting medicines when they help us deal better with a symptom or condition, but with prophylaxis it is rarer to feel such gratitude. Despite the fact that we may not notice the effect of prophylaxis it is something that could be a real life saver. We will never know how many people have been spared suffering because of this type of medication, but it is so good that we have it.

How Prophylaxis Helps

Prophylaxis covers a wide range of medicines and other items; even a condom is a considered one because it can prevent us from catching an STD. All those medicines that help keep our blood pressure within normal limits or keep our blood thin are likewise prophylaxis. If your child has a fall and you wash the wound with some type of antibiotic then this could be described as using prophylaxis – the list goes on and on.

Some medicines can be used to treat conditions but also to prevent them occurring in the first place. A good example of this is antibiotics; they can be given to help fight disease or to stop it arriving in the first place. It is now quite common for surgeons to prescribe a few doses of antibiotic following surgery. This is not because they want to treat any infection that is currently present but to avoid one coming in the first place. Of course we won’t notice the benefit of this type of treatment because we’ll never know what might have been.

Prophylaxis can be used on a much larger scale. Sometimes there will be an attempt to reduce the impact of an epidemic by offering this type of treatment. A good example of this is the flu vaccine that is given to a lot of people at the start of each winter. The idea of this type of intervention is not only to safeguard those who are vulnerable, such as the very young and the very old, but to also reduce the overall number of the people who will suffer in any epidemic. It is generally the case that the more people that have a virus the more it will be spread.

A World without Prophylaxis

The world would be a much different place if we only treated conditions as they arise. This is because when a lot of problems do become noticeable it is already too late to treat them. It is much better to prevent things like strokes and heart disease before they develop rather than when they are already destroying the body. Prophylaxis medicine really is the unsung hero of our modern world because it keeps us safe without us even noticing. It has without doubt saved many lives and extended the life of the rest of us.