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How to Get Pink Eye

pink eyeIf you want to stand out in a crowd then pink eye would certainly be a way to achieve this. This bloodshot eye look can vary in severity. You might look like you have just got back from on all night drinking session or it might appear as if you have just gone 10 rounds with a boxing champion. If you like the idea of people gasping in horror when they see your face then pink eye will certainly be a great asset.

What is Pink Eye?

Those who have attended a fancy medical school will usually refer to pink eye as Conjunctivitis. This is because it is an inflammation of a membrane on the eye called the conjunctiva. This is the membrane that goes over the white part of your eye as well as inside the eyelids. When this tissue is irritated in any way it responds by becoming inflamed and leads to the pink eye effect that we are trying to create here. Although it is called pink eye it can often be a ghastly bright red. The symptoms will also usually include eye pain, swelling, and possibly even a green discharge – yuck.

How to Get Pink Eye

There are some who would question the sanity of anyone who deliberately wants to get pink eye. It takes all sorts though so here is the information you need to achieve your goal. Of course if you are part of the majority of people who would not like to have to deal with this symptom you can still benefit from the information here; just the opposite of what is recommended. Here are just a few tips for how to get pink eye:

  • If you have any type of flu or chest infection you should try to introduce this to the eye. You could achieve this by frequently touching your face and not washing your hands when you cough into them. When it comes to pink eye viral or bacterial infection will do; although you might want to try for viral as this can be harder to treat.
  • If you suffer from allergies then you have an advantage when it comes to pink eye. Make sure that you get close to your favourite allergens and they will soon have your eyeball itching like crazy. Just be warned though that this can be one of the most uncomfortable forms of pink eye and you may develop the urge to scratch your eye right out.
  • If you get certain chemicals in your eye it will lead to irritation and cause the inflammatory response known as pink eye. There are many types of chemicals that can do this including household cleaners and sprays. You can also achieve the same results by dancing in the smog or other industrial pollutants.

Once you get red eye you may find that it is not as fun as you expected. If this is the case then you will be best seeking medical treatment.