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How to Faint in Public?

faintFainting in public is always a great way to get noticed. This temporary loss of consciousness occurs due to a decreased flow of blood to the brain. What usually happens during a faint is that not only do we briefly lose consciousness but also muscle tone as well. This is why people will fall down in public and instantly become the star of the show. Some people will mistake fainting with falling into unconsciousness due to some type of head trauma; the two are quite different even though they may look the same. With fainting there is no trauma to the brain but just a lack of oxygen. If you want to impress people then why not use the fancy name for fainting – it is called syncope.

The Causes of Fainting

There are many possible causes of fainting; anything that interferes with the ability of blood to reach the brain will lead to this event. If for some crazy reason you actually wanted to faint there are many ways to encourage this event; we will examine these here:

  • One of the more common reasons for fainting is dehydration. What happens here is that the body does not have enough fluid inside the system to keep the brain adequately supplied. This dehydration could occur for many possible reasons. We might have some type of food poisoning which means that we are losing fluids through vomiting and diarrhoea. We might have spent too long in the heat and didn’t bother to drink anything to replace the fluid lost through perspiration. Anything that causes our fluid level in the body to fall will greatly increase our chances of fainting.
  • The vagus nerve plays a very importing role in fainting as this can be responsible for redirecting blood away from the brain to the digestive system. Some people have a vagus nerve that is a bit trigger happy and so will overdo it when redirecting blood away from the brain and this can lead to a fainting spell. For some people a sudden fight or a lot of anxiety in their life will be enough to have this vagus nerve working overtime and causing fainting spells.
  • Hypotension means that our blood pressure is too low and this can also lead to a syncope attack.
  • Another frequent cause of this type of event is alcohol or drugs. Alcohol works in a number of ways to bring on a faint. On one hand it is a diuretic; this means that you pee a lot. This means that even though you might be drinking a lot of alcohol you can still end up dehydrated. Another way that alcohol causes syncope is that it relaxes the blood vessels causing them to dilate – leading to a fall in pressure. The different drugs, both legal and illegal, can work in different ways to cause a faint.
  • Any type of cardiac problem can lead to this type of episode because it will interfere with the ability of blood to reach the brain.