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How to Develop Oral Thrush

Mouth ThrushIf you like the idea of having your very own fungus growing in your mouth then you might like to develop oral thrush. This condition leads to not so attractive creamy white lesions appearing in your mouth and it may look like you are permanently eating a mouthful of cottage cheese – yummy. The condition can also lead to pain and difficulty swallowing.  In rare cases it can also cause a fever.

A Closer Look at Oral Thrush

We will soon be discussing the good stuff; how to actually get oral thrush. First though, it may be beneficial if we were to look a bit closer at this interesting fungus. It is a type of fungus called candidiasis which can be found normally in different parts of the body. It is usually harmless but if it gets somewhere like the mouth it can begin to cause problems. This fungus is also a type of yeast. That’s the stuff they use to make alcohol in beer, but don’t expect to feel a pleasant buzz if you develop oral thrush.

How to Develop Oral Thrush

There are a number of ways that you can develop oral thrush and we will be examining these here.

  • Antibiotics can upset the balance of microorganisms in the body and lead to the development in oral thrush. Unfortunately in a lot of countries they actually demand that you have something wrong with you before giving you these drugs. This is outrageous but you should still be able to score some antibiotics off sick relatives or friends. You could also move to one of those countries where they will be happy to prescribe antibiotics for the common cold.
  • If you need dentures be sure to get a pair that don’t fit properly. Not only are these a great way to scare young children but they also increase your chances of developing oral thrush.
  • Smoking greatly increases your chances of developing oral thrush so puff away and you will hopefully soon have a mouth full of cottage cheese.
  • If you have poor dental hygiene then you have a much better chance of developing the condition. So throw away your toothbrush and hide that floss in case you are tempted. If the state of your mouth gets too foul you can use mouthwash; this can even be a good thing because it will upset the balance of microorganisms in your mouth thus increasing the chances of developing oral thrush.
  • Eat as much sugar and yeasty food as possible. If you are a fan of beer then you can up your intake. Not only will your breath smell bad from the booze but you will also have a few impressive white lesions.
  • Never allow a dentist anywhere near your mouth.

So there you have just a few suggestions for how you can increase your chances of developing oral thrush. If this is a medical condition that you have always dreamed of getting you will now know what to do.