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Does Medicaid Cover Dental?

medicaidMedicaid is a scheme that tries to ensure that people who need health care and can’t afford it will still have access. There has always been a lot of debate in regards to whether or not dental treatments should be covered by the scheme. In this article we will look at this issue in some depth and provide an answer to the question of whether or not Medicaid covers dental treatment.

What is Medicaid?

It is important to first describe exactly what Medicaid is before we go on to answer what it does and doesn’t cover. This program was established back in 1965 by the US Federal Government with the purpose of helping those who fall below the poverty line and just can’t afford health insurance. The scheme had its supporters and detractors from the start and this continues up until today. It is this debate over Medicaid that largely determines what is and what isn’t covered by the scheme.

Generally speaking Medicaid should cover all emergency treatments, needed medications, doctor and hospital visits, as well as prenatal care. The people who are entitled to benefit from this scheme will be determined by each individual state, but generally speaking anyone who falls below the poverty line will be entitled to it no matter where they live in the US. In some states it can be easier to qualify for Medicaid then in others.

Medicaid and Dental Care

Medicaid does cover dental care but only in some situations. The treatments and rules as for who is covered can vary between different states. There has been a push to provide complete dental coverage for those who most need it but there has been a lot of resistance to this. In a lot of states the rule is that those who are under 21 years of age, and qualify for Medicaid, will be given full dental coverage under the program. Those who are over 21 will only be entitled to coverage for emergency treatments. In some states such as California, Washington, and New York the coverage available is far more extensive for those who are over 21.

In order for you to determine your exact rights in regards to Medicaid for dental treatment you will need to check the rules for your state. The best person to speak to about this will be a social worker as they can offer you advice that is both expert and up to date. If you are entitled to this type of coverage then it makes sense that you avail of it.

The Need for Dental Care as Part of Medicaid

There are few who would doubt the necessity for good dental care. This is not just about cosmetics because having teeth that are cared for is part of overall general health. Teeth that are not taken care of properly can cause problems elsewhere in the body. Dental problems can also lead to situations that are very distressing and painful and it is important to get prompt attention in such a situation.