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How to Get Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps can bring tears to your eyes so most people will want to avoid them at all costs. It is hard to imagine anyone who would actually want to experience this type of symptom but you never know. Here we will examine some of the ways that you can increase the chances of experiencing muscle cramps. If you aren’t attracted to this type of pain then just ignore the advice here.

What is a Muscle Cramp?

Before we can offer advice on how to get muscle cramps it will probably be helpful to describe what these actually are. A muscle cramp occurs when this type of tissue contracts violently and involuntarily. This contraction will harden the muscle and lead to a lot of pain. Almost everyone will experience an occasional cramp and they can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Ways to Get Muscle Cramps

If you are attracted to this type of unpleasant pain then there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of experiencing muscle cramps.

  • One way to encourage them is by exercising too vigorously and avoiding warming up and warming down. Muscle fatigue is one good way to put the muscle in a condition where cramps are highly likely. If you haven’t exercised in a long time then this fatigue is more likely to occur. So if you are generally a couch potato then just put on your running shoes and run for miles; you are almost certain to get a cramp.
  • Rest cramps are those unpleasant cramps that wake you up with intense pain during the middle of the night. There is still no exact causes known for why this type of muscle cramp occurs but it is believed to be something to do with those movements that shorten the muscle. If you do something like leaving your toe in a pointing position then you greatly increase your chances of getting this type of cramp.
  • Another great way to encourage cramps is to get dehydrated. Encouraging excessive fluid loss through exercise, heat, and lack of fluid intake is going to greatly increase your chances of getting a cramp. As well as fluid loss you should also experience a loss in sodium which can further increase the likelihood of cramps. If you really take this advice seriously you might also get to enjoy heat stroke as well.
  • Remove all potassium from your diet and you should find that you are well on your way to muscle cramps.
  • If you are an alcoholic then this can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. This condition will often cause body fluid shifts which can also lead to cramps.
  • When you have low calcium and magnesium levels in your blood stream it tends to cause the nerve endings to become more excitable. This increased excitability has been shown to greatly increase the risk of muscle cramps. All you have to do is avoid foods that contain these important minerals.