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How Do I Choose the Best Inhaler for Bronchitis?

If you are dealing with a bad case of bronchitis it is important to ensure that you are using the right inhaler. Of course, it is the responsibility of your medical team to prescribe, but it is always important that you are able to take part in such decisions that can impact your health so much. It is important to realize though, that not everyone who develops this condition will require an inhaler. In a lot of cases the symptoms will be managed using oral medications. If your symptoms are not helped in this way though, it is likely that you will need to be prescribed an inhaler.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Inhaler for Bronchitis

Most of us will just take breathing for granted; it is not something we need to consciously do so we can just ignore it. It is only when we develop a problem with our breathing that we become more aware of this bodily process. It is then that we realize just vital this simple function is to our survival and how anything that gets in the way of it can seriously impact our ability to enjoy life. Once we have symptoms that make it difficult to breathe we will want to the situation remedied as quickly as possible; inhalers are a type of medication that can greatly help us in this regard.

In bronchitis there is some swelling in the bronchial tubes in our lungs and this interferes with our ability to breathe normally. This swelling may occur because of some type of infection or it may be that we suffer from chronic bronchitis that can be triggered by different pollutants. Once the inflammation is present it leads to shortness of breath and often a wheezing sound when we breathe. It can be unpleasant but in the case of acute bronchitis the condition usually improves in a few weeks.

The Types of Inhalers for Bronchitis

There are a number of different inhalers that may be prescribed for people with bronchitis. The most basic form uses steam to transport the medication into the lung; this steam can be created using a Nebulizer which relies on pressurized oxygen or air to turn the medication into a mist. Another type of inhaler is handheld and sends a metered dose of the drug into the lungs using pressure. There is also a dry powdered inhaler that works by delivering the medication into the lungs on the inhalation.

The dry powdered inhaler is the most widely used because it is so convenient. It is important that anyone using this method ensures that they are holding the inhaler correctly on using the right technique – if not then they will not be getting sufficient medication into their lungs. In hospital it is common to use nebulizers because this can be very effective for getting the medication into the lungs. The nebulizer requires no effort from the patient and it can even be used on people who are unconscious.

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Why is Smoking Bad?

obama smokingMost people today can easily accept that smoking is bad but some may be a bit less sure about why it is bad. The connection between smoking and cancer gets a lot of attention but there are also lots of other ways that this habit is harmful. Recognition of the dangers of smoking has meant that there are fewer people indulging in this activity in most countries of the world. There is no doubt that millions of people have died as a result of smoking but hopefully as more people understand the dangers of this habit even fewer people will take it up.

So Why is Smoking Bad?

Smoking tobacco can cause damage to every system in the body. This is understandable when we consider what is inside a cigarette; about 4,000 different chemicals and some of these are considered poisonous. The most talked about drug in a cigarette is nicotine because it is this that people become addicted to. In a cigarette there are also chemicals such as butane, acetone, and formaldehyde. It is not surprising that these toxins harm the body; what is more surprising is how humans can manage to tolerate them at all.

The link between smoking and cancer is well known. It is most linked with lung cancer but it can also lead to a number of other cancers in different parts of the body including; the throat, kidney, pancreas, esophagus, and bladder. Smoking is also viewed as increasing the risk of getting many other forms of cancers.

Smoking leads to all sorts of respiratory problems; chronic conditions that make life extremely difficult. A lot of smokers die gasping from breath because they have developed such smoking related problems as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or chronic obstructive airways disease.

Smoking is very bad for the heart and blood circulation around the body. It increases the risk of stroke and cardiac problems. It directly causes coronary artery disease which narrows the blood vessels in the body and so makes it a lot harder for oxygen to get to the heart. Smoking can also interfere with blood clotting thus increasing the risk of stroke and other problems.

In recent years most societies around the world have become far less tolerant of smoking. This is because it is now well known that the smoker is not only endangering their own life but also the life of anyone around them – passive smoking can also cause health problems and lead to an early death.

The Last Word on Smoking

There are many reasons why smoking is so bad. The really surprising thing is that so many people continue to do it. The good news is that more and more people are quitting and those who do will be able to undo a lot of the damage that has been done to their body. There are few excuses that really justify smoking but there are plenty of good reasons to quit this habit. Tobacco not only will likely reduce our time on the planet but also make what little time we have less enjoyable.