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How can I Lose a Beer Belly?

beer bellyLet’s face it, a beer belly is not very attractive. It is also something that could be detrimental to your health because it is the sign that you have accumulated a lot of fat. You are increasing your risk of many diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some of us also find it a bit embarrassing to be carrying around such an obvious sign of our overindulgence. Luckily there are things we can do to get rid of this extra fat.

What Causes a Beer Belly?

The cause of a beer belly is quite simple really. Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories. During a night on the town an individual may drink as much in calories as it is healthy for them to eat in a full day. So when you combine the empty calories of alcohol with the calories from food it is easy to see why people will start to pile on the pounds. Young people can get away with drinking a lot because their metabolisms tend to be fast. It is usually when we hit middle age that the beer belly really becomes a problem for us.

How to Lose a Beer Belly

Here are just a few tips for how you can lose a beer belly. Remember that these are things you will need to do long-term in order to see results. It is always better to make life changes rather than looking for a quick fix – that way the loss of your beer belly will be permanent. Here are just a few tips for how to lose your beer belly.

  • Give up or reduce your intake of beer. This is the easiest way to lose those extra calories that are coming from alcohol. You could also try switching to light beers. If you are going to drink make sure to keep an eye on the calories. The problem with replacing food with alcohol though is that the booze has no nutritional value.
  • Exercise most days. This should be of the cardiovascular variety and you should do at least 30 minutes a day. If you have a desk job you need to exercise a lot more of this. You could also try a stand-up desk so that you burn more calories.
  • Build up muscle because this will mean that your body burns more calories. If you have a lot of muscle it not only replaces fat but it helps to keep your weight in check. Just be warned though that in the beginning your weight will increase; this is because muscle is heavier than fat.
  • Eat small meals every 3 hours. This ensures that your digestive system is working all the time. Avoid large meals; especially late in the day.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates before going to bed.
  • Drink water in between every alcoholic drink. This should help you slow down your rate of alcohol consumption so that you will drink less beer over the course of a night.
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How to Develop an Attractive Beer Belly?

beer bellyBeer bellies are more than just a fashion statement; they are a declaration that you are not afraid to enjoy the good things in life. Sure, having all that fat in your gut area is likely to knock a few decades of your lifespan, but when you consider the benefits of a beer belly it is worth it. Fitness and healthy eating is for losers; a beer belly is a sign that you are a winner in life because you can afford to drink and eat a lot. Some people like to show off their wealth with a flashy car, but you will be able to take your beer belly wherever you go – a constant reminder to people of your success. Here are a few tips to help you cultivate an impressively huge beer gut.

  1. Move around as little as possible because otherwise you will be wasting precious calories. When it comes to putting on weight, every calorie counts and just walking to the shops can use up a lot of calories. In order to stop wasting calories you should implement the following life changes; work from home, order any shopping online, only speak to people online, and move around the house in a wheelchair. If you find that you are missing the outdoors you will be able to buy some nature videos.
  2. The pub is a great place for putting on weight; in fact it could be described as the gym for beer belly lovers. Although you will be spending a lot of time sitting at home, you will definitely want to make time for regular visits to the bar. When you are there try not to move around too much. If you are the sporty type you could try darts, as this is the favourite sport of beer belly enthusiasts.
  3. Pub goers waste a lot of calories visiting the toilet; this is a shame because it undoes a lot of your good work. It might be worth speaking to your doctor and asking him to insert a catheter into your penis; that way you can pee directly into a bag. If you don’t have a regular partner (or you have one that isn’t overly fussy) you might also want to consider wearing adult diapers; that way you won’t have to go to the toilet at all.
  4. Avoid vegetables and fruit as much as possible because these don’t have enough calories per pound to help you develop an impressive beer gut. The worry is that if you eat too many vegetables it could make you feel full and unable to eat other more important foods like cream cakes and chocolate. Of course beer is the ideal nutrient for those who want a beer belly; you can ingest a lot of empty calories this way without ever feeling full.
  5. Make sure that you always read the nutritional information on the label of any products you are considering eating; opt for those products that have the most calories and fat content.