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How to Become Popular by Cultivating Smelly Breath?

bad breathHalitosis is a great way to get noticed and talked about. If you are fed up being ignored in the work place, or when out socialising, you may be interested in the technique of cultivating bad breath. This unorthodox way of attracting attention works every time, and if you follow the tips laid out below you will become the most talked about person in any gathering. After just a day or two of cultivating halitosis you are sure to notice huge changes in your life.

How to Produce Chronic Halitosis

It is only when we devote ourselves to the task of cultivating smelly breath that we find out just how hard this can actually be to achieve. Sure if we stop brushing our teeth and using mouthwash you will start to develop a slightly offensive odour, but in order to really get noticed you will want a lot more than this. Here are a few ideas for how you can take smelly breath to a whole new level:

  • Eat fresh garlic with every meal and snack on this smelly clove whenever you get a chance. Ideally you should always have a bag of garlic cloves in your pocket; just in case you need to notch up the smell of your breath when it starts to flag. If you have no garlic nearby you can use onion as a substitute.
  • If you get any food stuck in your teeth make sure that you don’t remove it; fight the urge to extract it with your tongue. This trapped food can be your best friend as it begins to rot and sends out an interesting aroma.
  • Drink plenty of coffee as this has been shown to produce a distinctive odour on your breath. Coffee is not enough to create great results by itself but when it is combined with cigarettes and garlic it can do wonders for halitosis.
  • If you are serious about developing bad breath then one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal will be cigarettes. The more of these you can smoke a day the better; so you are going to have to learn how to chain smoke. All the big names in halitosis have been smokers and you will struggle to get noticed if you don’t have this habit.
  • Learn to breathe heavily but silently. In order for people to get the benefit of your putrid breath it needs to be spread widely. This means that you need a lot of force to expel the breath to cover a wider area. It is important that you learn how to breathe heavily without it being noticed by other people; they can react strangely if they think you are deliberately trying to share your halitosis.
  • Some people may call it cheating, but if you stop washing your body and clothing this can amplify the effect of your smelly breath.

So there you have just a few tips for how to get become popular by cultivating smelly breath. This is a proving method for attracting attention and it can work for you too.