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How Can I Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain?

Wisdom Tooth PainWisdom tooth pain can make life very uncomfortable for people. These molars tend to develop when people are aged between 17 and 25 years old. Slightly less than two- thirds of people will develop these teeth, but the rest won’t. As wisdom teeth grow they can affect other teeth, and it is often this that is responsible for most of the pain.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth get their name because people will have reached adulthood by the time they develop them – so would be expected to have developed a bit of wisdom along the way. It is usual to develop four of these wisdom teeth but it is possible to have more of them appear; if this happens they are referred to as supernumerary teeth. They are found in the back of the mouth and located as the second and third molars.

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain for a number of reasons. As they develop out of the gum there can be quite a bit of discomfort.  They can also become impacted. One of the most common reasons why they cause problems is that they have only partially erupted; this means they have failed to fully fill a space along the line of the teeth. It a tooth has only partially erupted, it can not only cause intense pain but also possibly infection as well.

How Can I Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain?

In some cases it may be necessary for dental surgery to be performed in order to deal with the problem. When an extraction is performed it will remove the pain (there will likely still be a bit of discomfort initially post-opt though) and prevent further infection. There are also other treatments that may help people deal with the pain. Some of the most popular ways of dealing with this discomfort includes-

  • Clove has been shown to be an effective remedy for this type of dental pain. It may also be good for dealing with the infection as well; although this is debatable. People will usually get clove oil and apply this to the area where the wisdom tooth is causing the pain. It is claimed that if you mix it with rock salt and garlic into a paste then this will be even more effective.
  • Garlic is another common way to deal with this type of pain. Garlic is known for making teeth strong, but it also seems to somehow ease wisdom tooth pain.
  • Wheat grass may help to reduce infection.
  • Onion may be able to kill germs that are in the mouth as well as easing wisdom tooth pain. It is recommended that a bit of onion be left inside the mouth under the gum near the wisdom tooth and left for a few minutes.
  • Ice placed on the jaw may help to make the pain a bit more manageable, but you shouldn’t put ice directly near the tooth as this can exacerbate the symptoms.

Find out more by asking questions at the dental forum.

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What are the Causes of Jaw Pain?

jaw painThe jaw is a part of the body that most of us never spare a thought for and it is only when it become painful that we will notice it at all. There are many possible reasons why we could be experiencing this type of discomfort, and in some cases it could lead to more problems if the symptom is ignored. In a lot of instances this jaw pain may be due to something simple like overuse, but this is not always the case and it is wise to seek medical advice.

Possible Causes of Jaw Pain

It is usual to divide the possible causes of jaw pain into two categories; primary and secondary jaw pain. If we say that it is a primary jaw pain we mean that the problem is actually stemming from this part of the body. With secondary jaw pain we are dealing with pain that is radiating from elsewhere in the body. It is very important to determine if the pain is primary or secondary because this will determine the treatment required. Here are just some of the most common causes of this type of pain.

  • A direct blow to the jaw can cause damage and this type of trauma is likely to mean you will experience jaw pain.
  • Another type of trauma which can cause this symptom is due to bruxism; clenching of the teeth that can happen when we are asleep.
  • If you have developed some type of infection or abscess in the jaw area then this could cause a lot of jaw pain.
  • Infections such as sinus and ear infections may be responsible for this symptom.
  • Arthritis can sometimes be responsible for pain in this part of the body.
  • Some older people can develop a condition called bone spurs where there are outgrowths on the teeth; these can cause a lot of pain around the jaw area.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder is a condition that leads to inflammation in the joints – including possibly the jaw joint.
  • If there are problems with your teeth such as cavities or broken teeth then this can cause this type of symptom.
  • If a gum infection is severe it may lead to pain in the jaw.
  • If you have had any type of dental surgery then this too could lead to jaw pain in the days following the operation.
  • Rare conditions like Scurvy are also a possible cause.

How to Treat Jaw Pain

The wisest course of action is to see a dentist first of all. If they feel that the pain is not dental related they will refer you to a doctor for further investigation. If the pain is due to an infection it is important to get prompt action because there is the risk of developing sepsis; where the body produces a dangerous inflammatory response. Jaw pain can be annoying so it is best to get it dealt with as soon as possible.


How Our Brain Colors the World

Our brains are amazingly skilled at helping us make sense of our colorful world! Just remember, though, that the world may not be as it seems. This infographic illustrating how our eyes and brains work in regards to colors is presented to you by Mezzmer, Eyeglasses.

How Our Brain Colors the World



Eyes – A Window into Your Health

Your eyes reveal your health. Many ailments exhibit at least some symptoms impacting your eyes and our vision. That is why regular eye checkups are important – they can help spot health issues from other parts of the body.

eyeball to tell about your health

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How to Develop an Attractive Beer Belly?

beer bellyBeer bellies are more than just a fashion statement; they are a declaration that you are not afraid to enjoy the good things in life. Sure, having all that fat in your gut area is likely to knock a few decades of your lifespan, but when you consider the benefits of a beer belly it is worth it. Fitness and healthy eating is for losers; a beer belly is a sign that you are a winner in life because you can afford to drink and eat a lot. Some people like to show off their wealth with a flashy car, but you will be able to take your beer belly wherever you go – a constant reminder to people of your success. Here are a few tips to help you cultivate an impressively huge beer gut.

  1. Move around as little as possible because otherwise you will be wasting precious calories. When it comes to putting on weight, every calorie counts and just walking to the shops can use up a lot of calories. In order to stop wasting calories you should implement the following life changes; work from home, order any shopping online, only speak to people online, and move around the house in a wheelchair. If you find that you are missing the outdoors you will be able to buy some nature videos.
  2. The pub is a great place for putting on weight; in fact it could be described as the gym for beer belly lovers. Although you will be spending a lot of time sitting at home, you will definitely want to make time for regular visits to the bar. When you are there try not to move around too much. If you are the sporty type you could try darts, as this is the favourite sport of beer belly enthusiasts.
  3. Pub goers waste a lot of calories visiting the toilet; this is a shame because it undoes a lot of your good work. It might be worth speaking to your doctor and asking him to insert a catheter into your penis; that way you can pee directly into a bag. If you don’t have a regular partner (or you have one that isn’t overly fussy) you might also want to consider wearing adult diapers; that way you won’t have to go to the toilet at all.
  4. Avoid vegetables and fruit as much as possible because these don’t have enough calories per pound to help you develop an impressive beer gut. The worry is that if you eat too many vegetables it could make you feel full and unable to eat other more important foods like cream cakes and chocolate. Of course beer is the ideal nutrient for those who want a beer belly; you can ingest a lot of empty calories this way without ever feeling full.
  5. Make sure that you always read the nutritional information on the label of any products you are considering eating; opt for those products that have the most calories and fat content.
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How to Become Popular by Cultivating Smelly Breath?

bad breathHalitosis is a great way to get noticed and talked about. If you are fed up being ignored in the work place, or when out socialising, you may be interested in the technique of cultivating bad breath. This unorthodox way of attracting attention works every time, and if you follow the tips laid out below you will become the most talked about person in any gathering. After just a day or two of cultivating halitosis you are sure to notice huge changes in your life.

How to Produce Chronic Halitosis

It is only when we devote ourselves to the task of cultivating smelly breath that we find out just how hard this can actually be to achieve. Sure if we stop brushing our teeth and using mouthwash you will start to develop a slightly offensive odour, but in order to really get noticed you will want a lot more than this. Here are a few ideas for how you can take smelly breath to a whole new level:

  • Eat fresh garlic with every meal and snack on this smelly clove whenever you get a chance. Ideally you should always have a bag of garlic cloves in your pocket; just in case you need to notch up the smell of your breath when it starts to flag. If you have no garlic nearby you can use onion as a substitute.
  • If you get any food stuck in your teeth make sure that you don’t remove it; fight the urge to extract it with your tongue. This trapped food can be your best friend as it begins to rot and sends out an interesting aroma.
  • Drink plenty of coffee as this has been shown to produce a distinctive odour on your breath. Coffee is not enough to create great results by itself but when it is combined with cigarettes and garlic it can do wonders for halitosis.
  • If you are serious about developing bad breath then one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal will be cigarettes. The more of these you can smoke a day the better; so you are going to have to learn how to chain smoke. All the big names in halitosis have been smokers and you will struggle to get noticed if you don’t have this habit.
  • Learn to breathe heavily but silently. In order for people to get the benefit of your putrid breath it needs to be spread widely. This means that you need a lot of force to expel the breath to cover a wider area. It is important that you learn how to breathe heavily without it being noticed by other people; they can react strangely if they think you are deliberately trying to share your halitosis.
  • Some people may call it cheating, but if you stop washing your body and clothing this can amplify the effect of your smelly breath.

So there you have just a few tips for how to get become popular by cultivating smelly breath. This is a proving method for attracting attention and it can work for you too.

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What are the Ways to Overcome Insomnia?

insomniaOne of the most frustrating situations you could be in is when you keep tossing and turning in your bed hoping to fall sleep, but ultimately failing miserably. Many people experience this situation but not many are aware of the fact that this could be due to a sleep disorder called insomnia.

The interesting fact is that short-term insomnia is extremely common and almost everyone experiences it at some point in life. This can be a result of diet, jet lag, stress, or other factors. Once you find yourself dealing with this sleep disorder, your life gets affected in a big way. Whatever the reasons, this disorder will leave negative effects on your health. It also affects your job performance, which can be dangerous in today’s economically frazzled times.

For insomnia, you can see a varied list of symptoms. The most common complaint is to find it extremely difficult to initiate sleep or maintain it. If this happens for a period of one month or more, this could be a symptom of insomnia. It is worth mentioning that sometimes you have difficulty initiating sleep due to another mental disorder, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, etc. It is therefore important to consult with your doctor the soonest possible, so he may rule out the possibility of you being a victim of another mental disorder.

As far as the treatment options are concerned, you will see doctors trying different ways to help you have a good sleep. In case you are currently a patient of short-term insomnia, the common treatment option is to use sleeping pills. However, you need to bear in mind that these pills will offer no help after a few weeks of nightly use; in fact, a long-term use is going to interfere with good sleep. This is the reason why you should also try practicing good sleep habits. In addition, you can also ask your doctor to try some latest techniques such as light therapy to bring about some positive changes in circadian cycles.

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Something You Need to Know about Depression in Adolescence

depressionMost people think that a depressive disorder is something a person experiences in the later stages of their life. This is a misconception; depression is a very real problem for children and teens also. In fact, it has been found in different studies that childhood depression can continue into adulthood. Moreover, if childhood depression is left untreated, it can lead to severe illnesses during adulthood.

The problem with depression in children is that it is difficult to notice. Of course, there are certain symptoms but most parents never relate it to depression. For instance, a child with depression may refuse to go to school, pretend to be sick, or cling to a parent. In some cases, a child may also worry a lot that a parent may die.  In case of older children, symptoms may differ somewhat; they may get into trouble at school, sulk, feel misunderstood, and be negative and irritable.

As you can see, all these symptoms can easily be viewed as mood swings in children, so childhood depressive disorder often goes untreated. It is also quite pertinent to mention that depression is common in both boys and girls, but after the age of 15, girls are more vulnerable to this particular disorder. Basically, depression in children comes at a time when undergo a major personal change – the stage when they try to form an identity separate from their parents, deal with emerging sexuality, grapple with gender issues, and start making decisions in their lives.

A big problem with depression in adolescence is that it often comes with some other disorders such as disruptive behavior, anxiety, substance abuse or eating disorders. The combination of depression and another disorder contributes to an increased risk for suicide. Therefore, if you see your child dealing with some of these symptoms and struggling to lead a happy life like other kids, it’s your responsibility to help him get out of this situation. Consult with a physician to find a treatment option as early as you possibly can. The combination of psychotherapy and medication is known to be a good treatment option, so see if that’s what your child needs to overcome his fears.