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How to Get Sleep Apnea

If you like the idea of frightening your sleeping partner each night then one way to achieve this is sleep apnea. This condition means that breathing while sleeping changes so much that anyone listening might think you have just passed over to the other side. It is usual for people with this condition to have their breathing to stop for more than 10 seconds at a time; sometimes a lot more. This will keep your partner on edge as they wait to hear if you are ever going to start breathing again. In this article we will examine ways to develop sleep apnea but first we will have a closer look at what it actually is.

What is Sleep Apnea?

In its most basic terms sleep apnea refers to a condition that interferes with the airflow of breathing during sleep. The word ‘apnea’ means no breath and it refers to those times when the individual appears to have stopped breathing. Sometime sleep apnea can be diagnosed even though the breathing hasn’t stopped completely for long periods, but instead just become so shallow that oxygen levels within the blood stream fall to alarming rates. While sleep apnea does not generally lead to death it does lead to increase the risk of other conditions such as heart failure, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure. Some people with this condition are required to wear a special mask at night to keep the airflow moving smoothly.

How to Get Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be a dangerous condition and if you want to develop it you really should get your head examined. There is surely better ways to annoy and worry people who sleep with you. On the other hand I’m not here to judge so what follows is some instructions for how to get sleep apnea. If you don’t have a screw loose then you could just do the opposite of what is recommended here and reduce your risk of developing it.

  • Obesity is commonly associated with sleep apnea. All that extra fat puts more pressure on the respiratory tract when you are asleep and could make it more likely that the airflow is obstructed. So if you want to develop this condition just keep on piling on the pounds.
  • Some people will develop brief periods of this condition due to the common cold or flu. This type of infection tends to be opportunistic but if we don’t take care of our body’s then it makes our immune system weak and so we are more likely to pick this type of thing up. So make sure you eat poorly and avoid exercise and that way you increase your chances of apnea while you snooze.
  • It is believed that glaucoma can sometimes lead to sleep apnea; although it is quite rare. Still, if you develop diabetes through poor diet and an generally unhealthy lifestyle this can increase your chances of developing glaucoma which in turn might lead to sleep apnea.