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How to Get Jock Itch

If you are looking for an excuse to be constantly touching your private parts in public then jock itch could do the trick. This malady not only produces a bright red rash on your groin area but also produces and almost unbearable itch. Just be warned though, if you spend too much time touching this part of your body people will talk; you could even end up being arrested for indecency.  If you are determined to get jock itch though then the following advice should help you.

What is Jock Itch?

Before we get to the interesting stuff about how to get jock itch it may be helpful to explain a bit more about what this is. When we talk about jock itch we mean a type of skin condition that is found exclusively in men. The rash will usually appear on the groin area but it can also be found on the inner thighs and your actual genitals. The rash can be caused by some type of fungus or it may just be due to abrasion for clothing or other material. If the problem gets particularly bad then you can develop scale like skin around the area.

How to Get Jock Itch

Now that you know a bit more about what we are talking about you will probably be ready to find out about how to get it. Luckily there are many causes of this problem and you should have no difficulty developing it if you want to.

  • Make sure that you wear really tight clothing around your groin area. You want material that is so tight that it will trap sweat. You also want it so that this clothing is rubbing against your skin like sandpaper. If you follow this advice you may be able to enjoy your jock itch within a few hours without having to do anything more.
  • If you are overweight then you will greatly increase your chances of developing this problem. Not only because it will be harder to find clothes that aren’t tight but because you will have a few fat folds to provide a bit more friction.
  • You will want to keep the area around your groin as moist as possible. I’m not suggesting here that you actively wet yourself; just allowing sweat to build up will do just fine. If you are keen to speed the process up though you could spray a bit of water down there.
  • If you have fungal infections elsewhere on your body then you will increase your chances of getting fungal jock itch. Make sure that you don’t wash your hands after touching your fungal infections and give your groin area a good rub.
  • If you are exercising then make sure you wear tight clothing around the groin area. Don’t shower at the end of the fitness session but instead give the sweat the chance to do its magic.
  • Be sure to eat a poor diet as this will weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to this type of problem.