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How to Get Hemorrhoids?

If you are a bit of a sadist who enjoys discomfort then you might be interested in developing hemorrhoids. Be warned though that this type of problem isn’t for the faint hearted and you are going to be challenged to the upmost. The common folk will usually refer to hemorrhoids as ‘piles’ and if you mention that you have this condition you are likely to get lots of sympathy from those around you. Hemorrhoids are credited with making strong men weep, and so anyone who willingly tries to develop this problem is hard as nails.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Before we go on to discussing how you can get hemorrhoids it will be useful to first discuss what they actually are. In simple terms a hemorrhoid is a swelling of a vein in your rectum area; this swelling is usually accompanied by inflammation as well. This vein becomes so big that it can start to resemble a grape sticking out of your bottom.

One of the first noticeable symptoms of hemorrhoids is itching. You might also find that there is evidence of fresh looking blood on your toilet paper. As the symptoms increase you are likely to experience an intensification of itchiness and some pain as well; the inflammation can mean that the area feels hot. Sitting down will become a problem and even walking can be a trial. Life can begin to feel miserable because of these hemorrhoids and even sleeping can become a problem.

How to Get Hemorrhoids

As we have already seen hemorrhoids is unpleasant but if you are sure this is what you want there are steps you can take.

  • There are a number of probable causes for hemorrhoids and one of these is straining on the toilet. So a good way to increase your chances of developing this problem is to push as hard as you can every time you intend to pass a motion. See how hard you can strain; you could turn it into a type of competition where you try to outdo your last good push. If you are feeling pressure behind your eyes as you push then you can take this as a good sign; it should only be a matter of time before the hemorrhoids appear.
  • Healthy solid feces are the enemy of hemorrhoid lovers because this means that the stool passes too easily. Avoid fiber as if it were a class A drug because this is what makes feces easy to pass.
  • Another notable cause of hemorrhoids is prolonged sitting on the toilet. Schedule a few hours each day when you sit in there; make things a bit more inviting by maybe putting a library in your toilet or possibly even a HD television.
  • Constipation is another cause of hemorrhoids and you can encourage this symptom by not drinking enough water and avoiding any type of exercise.

If you have followed the above steps you shouldn’t have to wait too long before you begin to feel and itch in your anus.

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