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How Can I Help My Hyperactive Child?

hyperactive childIf your child is hyperactive it can lead to all sorts of problems at home. Most children will have periods where their behavior is a problem, but children with hyperactivity can be a particular challenge. The stress and physical effort of dealing with a child like this can take its toll, but the good news is that there are some good methods for dealing with the situation. In fact many of the techniques used for keeping other kids out of trouble will work well for hyperactive children as well.

What Do We Mean by a Hyperactive Child?

When we say that a child is hyperactive it means that they are full of energy and always on the go. Such kids never seem to get tired and if you take your eye off them for even a couple of minutes they might end up in all kinds of mischief. In some cases there may be an underlying condition for this type of behavior. This could be something like a learning difficulty or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some kids just seem to have been born full of beans as part of their personality.

Tips for Dealing with Hyperactive Children

Here are just a few potential ways that you can deal with a hyperactive child.

  • If the child is misbehaving then they need to know that there will be consequences of this. These punishments need to be consistent or the child will be confused about the boundaries. It is especially important to be strict about consequences when the behavior is particularly unacceptable; for instance, hitting or biting other children. Typical punishments include taking away toys or TV privileges.
  • A token economy can work well with hyperactive children. This is where they get rewards for good behavior. If the child behaves well then they can be given a sticker or token. They will then be later able to exchange these tokens for rewards such as toys or snacks. Just seeing stickers accumulate on a poster can be enough reward for most young children.
  • Structure is vital when it comes to controlling hyperactive children. If their routine is always changing then this will make it impossible for them to gain stability. Once the routine of the day is clear it is far easier to fit in with it.
  • Parents should avoid getting outwardly upset with their hyperactive child. They can feed of high emotions and this will only fuel their bad behavior. It is understandable that parents get upset sometimes but outbursts of anger should be avoided. It is probably advisable that parents take a breather if they feel they are about to lose their temper.
  • Hyperactive kids have a lot of energy and they need a way to expel this. This means that regular exercise breaks are a must. Getting outdoors and kicking a ball around can be a great way for children to burn off some of their excess energy. Keeping them locked up inside all day is definitely the wrong way to go.